Fatty Bloom is full of nonsensical thoughts or ramblings about things in my every day life, mainly centering on food (the unhealthy kind) and travel, the two things I love most.

The term fatty bloom comes from a phenomenon seen on food items (like chocolate) or art objects (which is where I usually see it) where they exhibit a white haze, bloom or crystals on the surface. This is caused by fats (in particular triglycerides) in food or in materials applied to art objects (often in the form of oils or waxes) altering due to temperature changes. The triglycerides melt and then recrystallize on the surface of the food item or art object.

Fatty bloom is also what happens to my body after I eat the foods I write about.

I hope you enjoy my posts about food and my travels! Feel free to contact me to chat about either and share your travel and food experiences. And if the mention of my time looking at art objects has piqued your interest, you can check out my art conservation and academic sites here and here so you can see what I spend most of my time doing.

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