Some jugo, por favor!

One of the things I’ve loved about eating in South America the couple of times I’ve been down there (well one of many things) is all the delicious fruit that’s available and the fruit juices that you can get at every meal. Not only do they have all kinds of fruits not available here but they have tons of different types of fruit juices. And they are made from actual fruit, not some artificial, fruit-flavored, chemical concoction.

Granadilla, which is related to passion fruit, was one of the fruits I tried this summer in Ecuador. You eat it like a pomegranate, the interior fleshy part, which was sweet, as well as the seeds inside it.

I didn’t photo-document all the fruit juices I had, but I managed to drink:

  • sandía
  • mango
  • frutilla (fresa)
  • guayaba
  • naranjilla
  • piña
  • maracuyá
  • mora
  • some juices from fruit I couldn’t identify

… to name a few.

Fruit juice comes standard with most breakfasts or can be ordered with any meal. Here you have to go to a certain type of food establishment to get different types of juices and unless you do, the standard is usually orange, apple or grapefruit. Boring! With all the fruits available here, I started wondering why we don’t have more fruit juice choices? We are certainly missing out.

Jugo de maracuyá, one of my favorite fruit juices (along with mango, piña and guayaba juice)

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