Breakfast, the most delicious meal of the day

I love breakfast. So when I saw the cover of the September issue of Los Angeles magazine, I could not resist buying it. The picture on the cover alone was enough to get me buy it, but the headline of the top 51 places for breakfast (and 4 boozy brunch favorites) sealed the deal.

I haven’t ventured to many of the places on the list to try them out just yet, but hope to do so soon. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite, delicious things I’ve eaten for breakfast here in LA.

Maple bacon doughnut and homemade Pop-tart from the Nickel Diner
No explanation required

Chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s and Pann’s
I had a hard time choosing between the two because they are both so good. Perfect fried chicken and the waffles so tasty. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles might win out slightly because their waffles have cinnamon added. Also, you can get gravy on your chicken there to make it extra hearty, salty and delicious.

Pann’s chicken & waffles
Roscoe’s chicken & waffles

Stuffed french toast at BLD
This is stuffed with cream cheese, bacon and berry compote. And your maple syrup is served warm in a little metal log cabin (adorable!)

The “5th and Main” at Nickel Diner
Spicy pulled pork, potatoes, and 2 poached eggs….need I say more

Stay tuned for more pics as I eat my way around LA in search of delicious breakfasts.

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