Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwich

Dear Sandwich Monday,

Thanks again for inspiring me to try another crazy sandwich combo-the Chicken and Waffle sandwich. As a fan of traditional chicken n’ waffles, it was great, but, just FYI, the sandwich tastes way better with some maple syrup on it.

Fatty Bloom



  • Belgian waffle (you could make your own, but I bought some from Trader Joe’s)
  • Buttermilk fried boneless chicken breast (I cheated again and bought them ready made)
  • Apple slaw (there are lots of recipes out there but this was the one I used)
  • Honey mustard glaze (there are also lots of recipes for honey mustard glazed meat dishes that include the recipe for the glaze sauce so any will do).
  • Maple syrup (optional but I think it tasted better once I added it)
  • An appetite and a sense of adventure!


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